Countering Drones Event Guide 2018

Countering Drones Event Guide 2018

Keeping up with technology in an industry in perpetual development

For the past three years Defence IQ’s Countering Drones conference has been platforming this issue and inviting key stakeholders to join the discussion about making improvements to the regulatory environment, and examining the kinetic solutions that can support real action taking place to defeat these devices.

This conference is designed to support government and civilian users moving closer towards the integration of the technology that is designed to detect, identify and neutralise malicious drone activity and to overcome the regulatory hurdles that urgently require the deepest consideration. In preceding years, solution developers from industry, start ups and technology groups have joined with Airports, civil aviation authorities, facility and security managers from prisons and sporting organisations to discuss the ‘What if?’ scenario. Now that the ‘big one’ has occurred, we encourage you to join us to share your expertise and experiences with this growing community in July.

We hosted the 3rd annual Countering Drones Global event in December 2018, as Europe’s number one countering drones conference, we seek to develop complete solutions to this emerging threat.