Keeping up with technology in an industry in perpetual development

The drone industry is booming! Underneath the optimism however, concerns continue to emerge about the risks that UAVs pose to public safety and security. Drone technology has developed at a faster rate than many of us could have ever imagined, leaving regulation and counter-drone capability far behind. 
It is now critical that governments work with regulators and industry to develop an effective C-UAV framework, and correctly understanding the multitude of challenges that drones present is central to this. Sites of critical national infrastructure, prisons, airports, sporting venues and other stadia are at serious risk, constrained by embryonic regulation and undefined remits for threat engagement. This December, we will provide a unique platform where security professions can share their challenges with governments, regulators and industry, to assist in developing a lens for threat assessment and a framework for progression. 
It is in this context that Defence IQ will host its 2nd Countering Drones Global conference this December. We look forward to seeing you in London for Europe’s number one countering drones conference, as we seek to develop complete solutions to this emerging threat.  


Join the Countering Drones conference to:


Effectively measure and prepare for the risk posed by drones by receiving exclusive security briefings from leading international experts


Make an informed assessment of different types of counter-drone technologies and identify which system is best for your unique circumstances


Influence future policy by contributing to high-level discussions with policymakers, insurers and legal practitioners


Ensure that your organisation is aware of current developments in national security strategy, regulations and aviation legislation by hearing from senior policymakers from the UK, Europe and US


Benefit from legal and insurance policy guidance to better protect your organisation from drone-related incidents

Key questions to be addressed include:


How is drone and counter-drone technology developing and how might this impact the security of key industries?


How vulnerable is critical national infrastructure, in particular, to civilian drones? What are the current safeguards to protect against this and how can we measure this risk?


What kind of counter-drone solutions should commercial organisations employ, if any, and what might be the legal implications of their use?


Hear from industry experts on the latest counter-drone technological developments and how they plan to solve enduring challenges for government and commercial industry – from detection to disruption


What are the regulatory obstacles that stand in the way of the development and employment of different types of counter drone solutions? What measures are appropriate and in what contexts?

Who Should Attend Countering Drones

Airports, sea ports, borders and railways

Civil Aviation Authorities and Air Traffic Managements

Counter-terror agencies, law enforcement and emergency services

Government buildings, military bases and sensitive installations

Major broadcasters, film and television studios

National space agencies and major industrial complexes

Critical infrastructure including nuclear power stations, grids and utilities

Public buildings, embassies and consulates

International organisations including the UN, NATO and WTO

Sporting arenas and major venues event venues


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